Service, Repairs & Warranty

From time to time we have clients with equipment that is in need of repair. Here at Any Entertainment, we are not an electronics a repair shop. We recommend that you take your damaged electrical equipment that is in need of repair to a local electronics repair shop. These business can be found on “LocalSearch” or by simply searching the internet for “electronics repairs coffs harbour”.

Replacement Parts/Repairs:

We do offer a level of service should you have a damaged or broken item that is in need of replacement part. What we mean by this, is if you have a blown speaker driver for instance or a dead microphone capsule and it is a brand that we have a dealership with, we are more than happy to order in the replacement parts and fit them for you. We will always give you a cost estimate before proceeding.

Out of Warranty Repairs:

For items that are out of warranty and are a brand that we have a dealership with, and can not be repaired by a local electronics repair shop, we will simply send the item back to an authorised service centre, as we do not have the tools and skill to repair electronics, within our business. The minimum charge for this is $165.00. The $165.00 covers our time, any shipping, packaging & handling that maybe required to send your item to the authorised service centre, the time it takes for the authorised repair agent to diagnose your fault (usually 1 hour) and prepare a cost estimate for your item to be repaired, and the return of your item form the authorised service centre. Any replacement parts and further labour charges will be at an additional cost. We will always give you a cost estimate before proceeding. Should the repair of your equipment be deemed not viable to repair, by the authorised service agent, then the authorised service agent will dispose of your broken equipment at your request, otherwise it will be returned to you, un-repaired.

Warranty Repairs:

For items we have sold and fall within the manufacturers warranty period, we are more than happy to send these back to an authorised service centre on your behalf at no charge. Should the authorised repair agent find a fault that was caused by neglect, then this will not be covered by warranty, and you will be charged for the repair + shipping, packaging & handling. We will always give you a cost estimate before proceeding. Should there be “no fault found” this too will incur a charge from the authorised repair agent + shipping, packaging & handling. The charge for this would be similar to the charge above for an item that is out of warranty, $165.00.

Cable Repairs:

For customers who bring us broken cables for repair, the minimum charge for us to sit down at the bench with the soldering iron and tools is $33.00 + $16.50 for every 15 minutes or part there of, that we are repairing your cables. This type of work is more of an inconvenience to us, as we do not always have time to stop what we are doing, to do this for you. We do sit down once a month and fix a few of our own leads, so your cables repairs will have to wait until such time as we are doing a few of our own. A much cheaper options would be to purchase new cables which do have a wide range available in stock, to select from.

All pricing is inclusive of GST.

We don’t wish to scare our customers away; however, we just need to make it very clear we are not an electronics repair shop. We do not have the tools, the diagnostic equipment or the time to perform this type of work.

We thank you in advance for your understanding.